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bhutan rock climbing club  The direct motive which lead us to climb rocks and mountains are many and various - reducibly to one. Some of us climb for exercise, others to enjoy nature, again others to experiment friendship, but all of us  ................. " because we like it"

The "Vertical"- Bhutan Climbing Club (VBCC) is a young group of rock climbing enthusiasts that is determinedly trying to establish and promote the sport in Bhutan. It is our long-term aim to popularise rock climbing not only as a worthwhile hobby but also as a mainstream sport. Judging from the enthusiasm evident in the encouraging number of fresh faces at the rock each week, we have reason to believe that the club can expand to a nationwide scale.
To be realistic, though, we have had to content ourselves with measured pace and set about establishing strong roots in the capital, Thimphu, for starter...





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